Alfa Romeo

Founded in 1910 by Ugo Stella with the 24 HP, Alfa Romeo has long had a long racing history. Bought out in 1915 by Nicola Romeo, who halted production until 1918 due to the first world war. With historic vehicles such as the P2 and the RL and drivers such as Enzo Ferrari winning multiple prestigious races in the start of the 20th Century, Alfa Romeo has stuck to its sporting history with their modern day designs.

The Alfa Giulietta, first launched in 1954, is today a sleek and efficient on-the-road vehicle. With the Alfa Romeo Multi-Air technology, the new Giulietta is the city car that just keeps going.

Classic Alfa image

First launched in 2008 the MiTo has a prestigious five-star Euro NCAP safety rating – proving you can have fun while be safe at the same time.

The Alfa Romeo 159, famously used by the Italian Armed and Police Forces, is today a modern and successful vehicle. Inclusive of Blue&Me technology and a fantastic sound system, it has everything the modern driver could need.

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